Larry Evidence

                                     Boybanders are hiding a secret.

right, this post is for people who said they wanted proof/evidence of larry. obviously it’s not outright proof that they’re real but it’s extremely close to it. there’s over 200 pieces of evidence here, and I add to it everyday. these are not coincidences.

i get a lot of asks about it so here’s your answers, i’m not saying anything more.

1) in france you’re not allowed to take photos unless paparazzi are called in especially.  (x



2). How Elounor look when they’re not being watched (or professionally photographed aka all the time) (x) (x) (x

(x) - Looking for the cameras Eleanor?

(x) - A fan filmed this, it looks like they don’t even know each other.

3). harry doesn’t want to talk about eleanor&louis. (x)

4). louis doesn’t smile genuinely when he’s with eleanor. (x)

5). harry’s reaction after louis says he’d struggle with harry for the night.             (x) (x) (x)

6). apparently harry gets off to gay porn sometimes.(x)(x) ”guys are fit sometimes”

7). secretly holding hands on stage (x)

8). how they act when they think there’s no cameras. (x) (x) - harry’s arm is wrapped around louis’ shoulders, and louis is holding harry’s hand. as soon as they see the cameras louis immediately lets go and puts his hand in his pocket.

9). harry sometimes has the initial ‘L’ written on his hands. (x).

10). elounor’s publicized relationship. (x).

11). harry always uses gender neutral terms. i.e. - never specifying what gender he’s talking about. (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

12). harry wears a ‘love is equal’ shirt (x) (x) and goes to gay bars/supports gay communities. (x) (x) louis also went to a gay club. 

13). louis’ shocked face and reaction after harry says ‘i like girls’ (x) (x) a close up version - (x).

14). they’ve never said they were straight or denied being gay

15). harry’s ‘Hi’ tattoo is written in louis’ handwriting. (and was the first thing they said to each other when they first met) (x) (x)

16). kissy faces when they thought there were no cameras. (x) - they were doing a radio interview and were not expecting to be filmed, as soon as harry says ‘there’s a camera’ louis pulls the face in the last gif.

17). harry and louis’ favourite song is called ‘Kiss Me’ by ed sheeran and is about falling in love with your best friend.

18). concrete evidence for larry stylinson - concrete evidence for larry stylinson.

19). psychology major - someone experienced in psychology analysing louis&harry’s actions.

20). harry gets physically upset when they have to deny larry/lie about it. (x).

21). why eleanor is a coverup - extremely funny with lots of points. READ READ READ.

22). larry tweets  - speaks for itself. 

23). endless larry evidence - gifs, photos, evidence.

24). harry about to grab louis’ arm  - but he stops himself at the last minute.

25). harry about to grab louis’ hand (x) - as a natural instinct but once again, stops himself at the last minute when he realises what he’s doing.

26). larry in paris? a very cute coincidence - also sounds like a pun that harry would say/come up with. the link to this doesn’t work anymore but here’s the photo. (xthe boys went to paris and this was discovered after they’d left.

27).  kissing in chicago (x) (x)

28). louis staring at harry’s hand

29). not allowed to sit next to each other - video and evidence.

30). louis and eleanor’s trip to france

31). management messing things up on eleanor’s birthday (x) - this just makes me laugh because management are idiots.

32). management messing up again and tweeting from louis and eleanor’s accounts

33). why louis and harry haven’t come out

34). harry’s won’t stop till we surrender tattoo - the lyrics are taken from a song called ‘Sweet Disposition’ and it’s abouta couple in love who are fighting to be together and they won’t give up. (x).

35). the leeds bracelet has a lot of meaning - harry and louis were at leeds together. (x)

36). almost kissing in wellington (x) (x) (x)

37). sexual innuendos (x

38). another sexual innuendo, watch louis’ hands and harry’s head bobbing. (x)

39). secret signal - their thumbs up sign represents ‘i love you’ (x , x , x , x)

40). more hand holding on stage (x)

41). this was way too quick to be a whisper, it was a kiss on the cheek. (x)

42). this whole video - if this doesn’t convince you then i don’t know what will.

43). why larry shippers support the boys more than anyone else.

44). this tweet (x)

45). dates at the rosso restaurant - (x) (x) there’s also a photo of harry and louis on the wall because they go there so much! (x)

46.) this video - skip to 0:50 and listen. this is harry’s real life friend.

47). another sexual innuendo (x) - louis points to the microphone between his legs and then well, just watch harry’s mouth. 

48). ”Are you and Louis Dating?” (x) - If Harry was so bothered and against Larry (which he isn’t) he wouldn’t even say ‘Yes’ as a joke, let alone reply with a nod straight away because it’s a natural instinct to him, as he’s telling the truth. He’s tired and not in the mood for games, a simple nod was all that was needed.

49). (x) - The little strange woman from management that keeps a close eye on ‘Elounor’. Mhhhm.

50). Louis doesn’t know when his and Eleanor’s anniversary is. (x) this is just one example of many. Which also brings me on to this - (x

(x) - They decided to make up the date of their anniversary and announce it to 7.5 million people even though they have no idea when it was. Sounds legit.

51). ‘Liam’s’ Larry tweets. (x)

52). The day Louis answered five separate people asking who his best friend in the house was just in case he didn’t get the message across the first time. (x)

53). When ‘Haylor’ errupted. (x)

54). Harry ‘forgetting’ his passport when he was supposed to fly out and see Taylor. (x) (x)

55). Opinions from people outside the 1D fandom. (x)

56). How desperate management are to make us believe Elounor is real. (x)

57). Photographers paid to take photos of Eleanor&Louis. (Two of many). (x) (x)

58). I mean really guys come on. (x)

59). Larry kisses. (x)

60) Heart eyes and dilated pupils. (x) (xHELLO??? (x)

61). Indonesian Interview Analysis (x) - This was as Haylor was coming out - During this interview Louis is completely out of it and definitely not himself. He gets asked what his favourite song off the album is and he says ”My favourite song personally is a song called ‘I loved you first.” - As he’s saying the title of the song, his voice cracks and this is Liam’s reaction after Louis has said it. (x) Louis had been almost sort of in a mood with Harry throughout the interview, and this was almost a reminder to kind of shout at Harry ‘I loved you first.’ - Louis helped write the song as well, he knows the song is called ‘Loved you first’, yet he decided to add the ‘I’ to it as if to give a silent punch to Harry, and remind him. Coincidence? Think again.

62). As we all know, Ed Sheeran is a big shipper of Larry. Ed says he’s going to propose to Justin Bieber, fans yell out ”No, propose to Harry Styles!” Ed says Harry is taken, then another fan yells out ”By Louis!”, Ed confirms it. (x)

63). Ed Sheeran once again being a little angel and confirming Larry. He was talking about the song ”Kiss Me” which is about two best friends that fall in love with each other. (x) (x) (x)

64). Maz (Liam’s friend that sees the boys often) ships it. (x)

65). This was the night of the Larry (almost) Wellington kiss. How enthusiastic, Louis. (x)

66). Grimmy (A gay man that Harry hangs out with on a regular basis and is very close friends with) outing Harry. (x) (x)

67). Eleanor’s cousin saying that Louis & Eleanor have known each other for ages and Harry didn’t set them up. A point which I have made many times before. (x)

68). When ”Louis” lashed back at hate/opinions towards Eleanor on Twitter (The tweets were also sent via web, Louis never tweets from a laptop/computer and management always do). But then straight after Liam tweeted a photo of Louis asleep next to him on the plane. - If Louis was asleep on a plane how would he have tweeted those things, let alone had access to a computer or laptop and sent the tweets via web?

69). Lie Detecting - Louis is hiding the truth. (x)

70). Thought I’d make this one dirty, (x) ”53 is the magic number….”

71). The ‘anniversary’ photo Eleanor tweeted of her and Louis…from when they were in Paris 4385945945 years ago. (x) Surely if you were together and in love you could’ve taken a photo there and then, and not used one from months ago.

72). Analysis of Clive Calder (Eleanor’s father maybe?) (x) Yes I am aware of the fact Eleanor is said to be an only child, but how can you believe anything these days?

73). Elounor’s ridiculously fake relationship. (x)

74). Haylor won’t make it to Valentine’s Day. (x)

75). Boybanders are hiding a secret. (x)

76). This mysterious article….hello Louis. (x)

77). Taylor Swift…most talented beard ever? (x)

78). Union J Interview, outing Taylor as Harry’s beard. (x) Skip to 2:20, the interviewer is comparing George to Harry and goes ”Are you going to have a beard like Taylor Swift as well?” and Jaymi, the only gay member of the band (the one sitting next to George) is the only one that gets the joke. (x) (x) (x) (x)

79). ‘Why the good girl beards it up’ - Talking about Taylor. (x)

80). ‘Famous women who were beards’ - Taylor is listed here. (x)

81). The professional Hollywood beard list. Taylor is listed here too. (x)

82). ”Taylor Swift and Harry Styles go for a totally natural and not-at-all staged stroll through Central Park” (x)

83). Harry you look so incredibly happy with your girlfriend <33333 (x) (x)

84). Harry wearing Louis’ shirt on New Year’s Eve while Harry was in NYC with Taylor and Louis was in London. (x) (x) (x)

85). Louis mouthing Harry’s solo in Little Things as Harry’s singing it. (x) This doesn’t really prove anything but I couldn’t not put it in here as it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Harry always says Little Things is his favourite song because of the lyrics, and Harry is forever making eye contact with Louis as he says things like this and also whenever he sings the song. This song is so important to the both of them, and this had to be put in here.

86). Beard joke off Harry ft. Val Teasdale. (x) (x)

87). Louis you’re squeezing your boyfriend so tight you might cut off circulation. (x) (x) Even when Harry tries to pull away you won’t let go and try and hang on for as long as possible. (x) (x)

88). Another sexual innuendo. Louis can’t help himself. (x)

89). Oh and another one. (x) (x)

90.) Not really evidence but this needs to go in here. Inside Louis’ compass tattoo it says ‘Home’ (x). When he and Harry hold hands with their tattooed arms, home points to Harry.


92). HELLO PEOPLE. (x)

93). Lovebites. (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) - on Louis’ right arm.

94). Another sexual innuendo. (x) There’s a lot of these I really should put them together.

95). Liam ships it so hard I cry. (x)

96). Louis is very certain Harry’s good with his hands- note Liam’s reaction in the last gif. (x) (x) (x)

97). A beard joke by Liam Payne. (x) (x)

98). Yet another sexual innuendo wow we are loving these (x) (x) (x) (x)

99). Louis giving it away once again - watch Harry’s face. (x) The interviewer was referring to ‘internal friction’ as fights inside the band. But louis thought of it as butt sex, basically.

100). What’s that in your hair, Harry? (x) (x)

101). Who are you staring at, Harry? Your boyfriend, that’s who. (x)

102). Note - Harry and Louis are very protective over each other. In this gif the model with her arm around Harry is telling Louis to breathe and calm down, because he’s agitated. (Because his boyfriend is standing right next to a model) I mean what. (x)

103). This ridiculously photoshopped photo of Elounor that ‘mysteriously’ got leaked and management failed at once again. (x) (x) (x) (x)

104). Harry really can’t resist Louis. I don’t see any other band members staring at each other like that, do you? (x)

105). Louis’ face says it all. (x) (x)

106). Larry Tweets. (x)

107). It was said that Harry bought a new house (which he has) in London and that he doesn’t live with Louis anymore. People have checked and the new house Harry bought (quite a while back now) is empty. There is definitely no one living in that house. So, when Harry says he got red paint in his hair because he was painting his kitchen red, and a photo is posted of Louis’ flat with a red kitchen wall?…What do you expect. (x)

108). Why Haylor is 100% fake and for publicity. (x)

109). At 0:40 Harry sings ‘I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I’m near him’ (x)

110). A massive rant about Elounor, Larry and basically everything Larry Shippers have to go through. I really love this. (x)

111). Louis slaps Zayn’s hand out of the way so he can hold Harry’s waist instead. (x)

112). Speaking to my business teacher about PR stunts and management! (x)

113). Another of Harry’s tattoos in Louis’ handwriting! (x) ‘Might as well’ - Might as well what, Harry? Come out? We’re waiting.

114). Watch Harry’s hand as Louis removes his hand from Harry’s knee. (x)

115). Niall being a tease as he is infact captain of the Larry Ship and threatening to let everyone know how Harry got that love bite. Hmm I wonder. (x)

116). One of Harry’s closest friends (Jake) once again hinting at Larry. (x)

117). The proof is right here. (x) If Larry wasn’t real, why would one of Harry’s closest friends that’s known him his whole life (Jake) - why would he post a photoshopped photo of Louis and Harry kissing, if he knew it wasn’t real? If it wasn’t real he knows posting the photo would probably upset Harry and distress Louis (because obviously Larry is the biggest load of bullshit Louis has ever heard ha ha ha ha) so why would he do it, and also it would cause drama that wasn’t needed. 

118). What Blind Gossip had to say about Haylor (the publicity stunt) (x).

119). Larry being mentioned in interviews and on Twitter. (x)

120). Louis replying to a random indirect, and making sure people knew he was the one with Harry. (x)

121). Sleep over at Harry’s! ‘Lucky!’ Lucky indeed. (x)

122). Another sexual innuendo which Liam really can’t contain himself in. (x) (x) (x) (x)

123). Another sexual innuendo. (x) (x)

124). Jake (One of Harry’s closest friends) tweeted this (x) ”Wow. You even have your own Lovehearts sweets… @Harry_Styles” are we going to ignore the fact that he includes a sweet that says ”I <3 Louis” ? (x)

125). Harry being a tease ft. Louis’ Mum’s boyfriend. (x)

126). What management want you to believe. (x)

127). ‘Eleanor’ tweeting off Louis’ account because he ‘left it logged in on her phone’ aka management you’re a bunch of idiots. 

First of all we have this (x) - which we know is absolute rubbish and not true anyway - also this was posted straight after the ‘Larry is bullshit’ tweet to make people believe it even more (hilarious I know). And then we have this (x) - Eleanor replying to a tweet from Danielle (on Louis’ account because somehow she didn’t know Louis left his account logged in on her phone). The tweet then got deleted a bit after, and ‘Eleanor’ tweeted this (x.) Now some things I’d like to point out - The day previous to this happening, Eleanor had tweeted off her iPhone and Louis was in Africa. There’s absolutely no way that Eleanor tweeted from her own account, and then suddenly the day after - her twitter was logged into Louis’. (Unless Louis has turned into a time traveler and came back to England to log himself in on Eleanor’s phone). Anyway so basically, Eleanor said Louis forgot to log off his account on her iPhone even though Louis had been in Africa for 2 days and Eleanor tweeted off her iPhone only 1 day ago. Management want people to believe all the cute relationship stuff and that Eleanor and Louis both have access to each other’s accounts because they’re so in love and ha no management you failed again. She was in Manchester, he was in Africa, they weren’t together, why would Eleanor be using Louis’ account in the first place, especially when they’re not with each other, she tweeted through her account yesterday and suddenly it’s been ‘left’ logged into Louis’ the next day even though he’s been in flipping Africa for god knows how long. Basically management, I don’t even think you tried at all.

128). Harry’s facial expression says it all, and he immediately looks at Louis. (x)

129). Whever Louis is annoyed and basically pissed off, he presses his lips together. All of these questions were mentioning Harry being a manwhore and being in relationships and look - (x) - Notice how in this one Louis is the only one that doesn’t even laugh or crack a smile. (x) (x) (x)

Note: In the last two points (Number 128 and 129) Both Harry and Louis pull the same facial expressions (lips pressed together) which shows off an annoyed, fed up face.

130). I know this is only a close up but here (x) - Harry purposely reaching out his fingers to touch/stroke Louis’ arm and Louis deliberately putting his arm back. In this part of the interview Zayn also does a lot of helping as he ships Larry just as much as we do, ily zayn bye

131). You can’t look at this and say that’s not true love right there. It’s literally as if the world stopped for those two seconds. (x)

132). ”Very genuinely love each other” (x) - HELLO??????????

133). (x) (x”These two gifs make my feels go into overdrive honestly. I feel like this alone is solid Larry evidence. In the full-size version of this gif, Harry is just talking, not even to Louis, just talking to the camera and he’s just subtly grabbing Louis’ wrist. You wouldn’t even notice if you weren’t looking for it. I feel this is the reason why a lot of people don’t see Larry; they just don’t look for it. The amount of subtle touching they do is incredible. Harry strokes Louis’ wrist gently, then squeezes it and it’s just so intimate and beautiful and lovely. It’s like they need to touch each other to breathe.” -louisandharrystolemysoul

134). Near hold handing but pulling away/stopping at the last minute when they realise what they’re doing. (x) (x) (x) (x)

135). I dont know if you’d class this as a sexual innuendo but watch anyway. (x)

136). Just going to slip this in here. More ‘platonic’ touching.. (x)

137). NEW BLIND GOSSIP ARTICLE! ”and yes, those setups with girls are fake.” EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! (X)

138). Harry goes to touch Louis but stops at the last minute. (x)

139). More information on Clive Calder. (x)

140). ”Do you all want to be married and have children?” ”Yeah, 100%.” (x) (x)


142). Management failing once again when there was lots of Larry happening but no Elounor. (x)

143). OUR. ROOM. KEY. (x) (x) (x) (x)

144). New blind gossip article about a certain celebrity losing his job if he comes out as gay. This is an important part of Larry. (x)

145). This photo where Harry and Louis were together outside of work (on their day off) and didn’t expect to be filmed. (x) And for everyone saying it’s Eleanor and Louis not Harry and Louis, here’s a gif of it to smack you in the face with. (x)

146). ”Louis hates Larry he hates Larry shippers you’re hurting him and Harry just leave the fandom they don’t want you!!” yes because this really looks like Harry and Louis are hurt by Larry. For me it’s the look of happiness on their faces when they realise people are on their side. (x)

147). It’s gotta be you, Hazza and Lou. (x) (x)

148). Harry and Louis bird tatto analysis. (x)

149). ”Two years since the Sugarscape interview [x] and Harry is still claiming Louis as his first crush” (x) (x)

150). Holding hands whilst playing football. (x) I don’t see any of the other boys doing this.

151). Blind section of a gossip mag, could this be who we think it is? (x)

152). Blind gossip outing Harry! (x)

153). Written by someone that was at a fashion show the same time as Louis and Eleanor. (x)

154). The most accurate portrayal of Elounor I’ve ever seen. (x)

155). Louis and Eleanor went to a fashion show together (more publicity ha ha ha) and whilst Louis was gone, a Larry shipper that was followed by him got DMd telling her she was a loser, she then got blocked and unfollowed. All whilst Louis was at a fashion show with Eleanor and was never on Twitter. Nice try management. (x)

156). Louis wore Harry’s shoes (x) to the fashion show he attended with Eleanor and wore socks with them to make them fit (x). In an interview on the carpet he was asked what his favourite part of his outfit was, and he said his shoes. (x) - Skip to 11:40.

157). This isn’t really a thing but I thought I’d mention it anyway - ”They Don’t Know About Us” is a song related to Larry, and everyone says it was written about them. Guess which song the boys aren’t performing on tour?

158). One of my followers that went to the first date of the Take Me Home Tour DMed me this - ”I went to the tour today and obviously they weren’t allowed to sing They Don’t Know About Us because Larry but also they literally avoided each other the whole time on stage! But basically Harry whispered something to Liam and Liam walked straight over to Louis and whispered something to him so I think they were trying to communicate through Liam.” - Funny considering the last time they toured they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. What a coincidence.

 159). Another one of my followers also DMed me this after they’d seen the second show of the Take Me Home Tour - ”I saw quite a bit of Larry at the tour yesterday just to let you know, Louis couldn’t keep his eyes off of Harry in Over Again, it was so adorable and the many times they walked past each other they did little hand gestures - it was like a fist pump/respect sign then opening their hands wide but it just showed the palm of their hands, it wasn’t a high five. It’s hard to explain.”- More secret signals? And more heart eyes.

160). Eleanor outing Louis?? (x) This probably sounds far fetched, but the other day Louis and Eleanor were having a conversation via twitter (Which there was no need for since they were supposed to be sat next to each other in the same room aka nice try management) - and basically Eleanor replied to one of Louis’ tweets saying ”But you can’t eat bread..” after he asked her to make him a sandwich. I’m going to make a few points here:

  1. Louis can eat bread, like there’s no reason he’s unable to and he doesn’t have any allergies etc.
  2. Her reply doesn’t even make any sense.
  3. She wasn’t trying to be funny, and if she was then it failed.

So I looked it up and basically bread is the slang term for vagina, basically Eleanor was outing him. Also note Louis didn’t reply to her after she sent this tweet.

161). Think of this what you will… (x)

162). ”Lou can I give you a blowjob?” ”I’d love it, if you just wait.” (x)

163). ”I’m in love with you.” (x)

164). Louis signing the word ”Forever” to Harry. (x)

165). Things I Can’t. Also what management have done to them. They’re not allowed to interact with each other on tour now. (x)

166). Louis blew Harry a kiss during heart attack, Liam passed a hug from Harry to Lou, and Louis sang ”and it makes no sense to him” during Little Things. (x) This also relates back to my point of Louis and Harry not being able to interact with each other on tour now, and communicating to each other through Liam. 

167). This isn’t really evidence but I thought I’d put it in here anyway because kissing through masks is extremely cute. (x)

168). Take Me Home Tour experience. Louis thanking a fan for Bravery? (x

169). Another girl who was at the tour sent me some photos she’d taken of the boys that night, and most of them were concentrated on Larry. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post the photos as she doesn’t want people taking them so I’m basically going to describe to you what was going on in each one, there’s 6 altogether.

  1. Louis and Harry both went to get water at the same time so that they could talk because they’re no longer allowed to interact with each other on stage.
  2. All of the boys were hugging Niall at the same time, when everyone else let go Harry carried on hugging Niall and Louis walked off/away looking a little irritated.
  3. Louis is almost reaching out his hand towards Harry’s as if he’s about to hold it, the following photo Louis is looking at Liam and his hand is being moved back down to his side, Liam’s face looked a little horrified ((as if to say ”what are you doing”)).
  4. As I’ve said previously about Louis and Harry communicating to each other through Liam, well this picture is basically just Louis whispering to Liam.
  5. Louis and Harry giving each other heart eyes ((as per usual)) on the platform during Little Things.
  6. Another moment between Harry and Niall with Lou looking a little annoyed.

This girl ((who I won’t name)) also told me that during She’s Not Afraid, when Niall sang ”and it’s just so hard” Louis sang back ”so hard” and afterwards smirked and looked at Harry. She didn’t see Harry’s reaction because he had his back towards her.

170.) Louis making blowjob faces and gestures to Harry on stage. (more sexual innuendos) (x) (x

171).  Another fan DMed me her tour experience and wrote ”Niall was walking on stage with Harry and put his arm round his shoulder, Louis gave him a look and Niall laughed then moved his arm off Harry then Louis smiled, also they kept whispering to each other during songs.” - Also the point I made previously of Louis looking a little irritated/annoyed whenever Harry and Niall were having moments. 

172). Another fan DMed me her tour experience and said that throughout the show Louis was looking a little distracted and not really there, like he wasn’t concentrating properly. Then when the boys were performing Moments on the platform Harry was looking concerned and kept rubbing Louis’ back asking if he was alright. I do have a picture but I’m not allowed to show it because the girl who took it doesn’t want other people stealing it. Sorry guys :(

173). Grimmy being obvious with Harry. (x)

174). 3rd March 2013 Louis changes the lyrics to ”All his little things” and ”It makes no sense to him”.

175). Grimmy outing Harry. ((again)) (x)

176). ”Harry, what is your ideal type?” (x)

177). One of my followers DMed me this - ”A friend of mine ships Larry (thanks to your evidence I showed her a few weeks ago!) and she was at the concert last night, and you know  that thumbs up secret signal Harry and Louis used to do to each other? Well she was second row and she was doing it all night to Harry, and Harry did it back to her 3 times! When she did it to Louis he just kinda looked at her but Harry just laughed.” Here are two videos of Harry doing it (both near the end of the videos) (x) - video credit to eileenxrobinson. (x) - this video is a much better and clearer version. video credit to lalal0is. 

178). Another one of my followers DMed me this - ‘'Okay so nothing major but in Glasgow they were singing Rock Me while literally having eye sex with each was great. And in London they sang Over Again with such emotion and were looking at each other singing it, Harry looked like he was going to cry though. And Harry changed ”What she'll say if I can make all this pain go” to ”What you'll say” and looked at Louis, it was really cute.” 

179). Harry and Louis don’t live together anymore but Harry knows the song on Louis’ alarm clock well ok then (x) (x)

180). ”Unless you admit you’re gay” (x)

181). Harry’s tattoos - Equal love. (x)

182). Harry purposely moves his hand down just so he can put it on Lou’s. (x)

183). Management mess up Louis and Eleanor’s ”holiday” (you tried) (x)

184). Louis’ tattoo- The Rogue. (x) I personally don’t believe that Louis’ tattoo is for his old band name. Why literally 4 years after your band split up would you then decide to get it tattooed on you, and of your ankles of all places - especially when you were in a new band anyway. That’s like Harry getting White Eskimo tattooed on his back or something, it’s just not going to happen.

185). Louis and Eleanor’s ”holiday” (but not really because Louis actually spent the whole time with Harry) - more on this here (x).

186). More on the fake Elounor holiday - Louis’ instagram photos are photoshopped. (x)

187). A huge analysis and masterpost of everything that happened with Elounor and Larry in LA/Oman. Must read! (x)

188). Tom Parker from The Wanted outing Louis on Twitter. After this the tweet was immediately deleted. (x) (x)

189). What it’s like being a beard. (x)

190). "Are we supposed to believe that this is the same person on Twitter writing all those homophobic and hurtful tweets?" (x)

191). Management controlling Harry’s actions towards Louis. (x)

192). Wearing the same cardigan to their X Factor auditions? (x)

193). 4 nail finger marks you say? (x)

194). “Harry you weren’t even watching now I’m going to have to do it again.” (x)

195). ”Who would be the first member of One Direction to come out of the closet?” “Louis.” (x)

196). Louis’ bodyguard tweeted things relating to Larry, but the tweets were deleted shortly after. (x) (x)

197). Never forget. (x)

198). Look familiar? (x) ”Harry did most of the words” (x)

199). The one thing the fans don’t know, that Louis is involved in. I see. (x)

200). Written during the Haylor stunt, during ship tattoos and compasses, all by Harry, all for Louis. Don’t let me go. (x)

201). “I’m in love with you/Lou, and all his little things.” (x) - Watch Louis’ reaction.

202). “Louis’” birthday tweet to Eleanor was not sent by him. (x)

203). “Clap if Harry and Louis are together.” (x) (x) Shortly after, the account that tweeted this was suspended.

204). Louis growing facial hair extremely fast in the space of one day. (x)

205). Someone from Modest! Management outing Larry, the tweet was then deleted. (x)

206). Harry obviously forgetting that Louis topped the night before. (x)

207). Asking how a blind Larry shipper knows Louis and Harry are in love. (x)

208). Bad photoshopping of Elounor on Eleanor’s birthday photo. (x)

209). More analysis on Eleanor Calder. (x)

210). Nick Grimshaw impersonating Elounor, we all know that Grimmy has outed Harry and Larry quite a few times. (x)

211). Liam outing Larry. ((An example of 5SOS outing Larry is also included but I’ve already previously mentioned this.)) (x)

212). We all know that 99% of Elounor pictures are photoshopped. This photo of Louis was included in the paper recently, (x) and we can clearly see that it is a photo of Louis, and Louis alone. Not that long before - this photo (x) was posted on Twitter by non other than Eleanor herself. Yet, in the photo of Louis in the paper, Eleanor is nowhere to be seen, even though it is the exact same photo of Louis included both times. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

213). This is just kind of a thing. I thought I’d put it in here anyway. (x)

214). More things on tattoos. (x)

215). Eleanor is supposed to be graduating from University this year, funnily enough her name isn’t on the graduation programme. (x)

216). Harry quoting Louis? (x)

217). Grimmy confirming Larry? (x) (x)

218). More platonic touching. (x)

219). I think this is important to point out. (x)

220). Explain a thing? (x)

221). Ed Sheeran outing Larry. (As per usual) (x)

222). Louis not clapping when Taylor Swift won her award. I wonder why.. (x)

223). Photoshopped pictures of Hendall. (x)

224). @stupidfamous (A well known pap that follows the boys around and knows a lot about Larry) favouritng Larry tweets. (x)

225). Louis being his usual self. (x)

226). “Is there anything you’d like to do that you can’t do now?” (x)

227). Modest failing at photoshop once again. (x) (x) (x) I don’t believe this is anything Larry related but this is just to point out the fact that there is photoshopped people within this photo and that Modest do use it, and they’re extremely bad at it.

228). “Harry are you good with your hands?” (x)

229). Another innuendo, with Liam giving it away once again. (x) (x)

230). Louis not taking up the chance to deny Larry. (x)

231). I think this explains itself. (x)

232). Coincidence? (x)

233). There’s more information on this twitcam further up on this post, this is just an extra. (x)

234). Another photoshopped Hendall picture. (x)

okay so these are just a few bits of proof/evidence whatever you’d like to call them of why the larry fandom believe in larry. i update it frequently so stay tuned, if you have any questions feel free to ask x

Note: I am aware some of these links don’t work anymore as people have changed their urls since or deleted their blogs etc. I’m trying to find other links to put in place so bare with me while I try and work that out, thankyou x

Extra Note: if u dont believe this or u think larry is bullshit dont bother even reading it and definitely dont comment ur irrelevant opinion on it afterwards because i literally couldnt give two shits whether u believe it or not im not here trying to convice u im just giving u ur answers u little shits goodbye

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